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Nexity is a group covering the whole spectrum of real-estate businesses: purchase and sale, rental, management, transactions, funding, property development and support solutions.

Wandi was in charge of the whole front-end production line on behalf of the Havas Worldwide Paris agency during the nexity.fr website overhaul.

For more than 11 months, Wandi integrated more than a hundred complex PSDs, i.e. the whole xHTML / CSS development for the platform and graphic tracks.

In addition to cutting and integrating, Wandi was in charge of the whole JavaScript development with JQuery (interaction, user experience, simulation modules, etc.).

Number of code lines 233 662
Number of commits 6 595
Duration 11 months
Technologies xHTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery
Resources 7
Carine Petit

Carine Petit

Digital Project Manager - Havas Worldwide Paris

An irreproachable collaboration on various topics for the past 4 years that highlighted all the team’s qualities.


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