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AVOB™ – Alternative Vision Of Business is the French leader in energy management for the workstation. It offers a unified management platform for buildings as well as computer equipment.

With its range of innovative solutions for IT equipment (PCs, data centers, printers), and buildings alike, AVOB allows the monitoring of all sources of consumption in the tertiary sites.

The goal of AVOB is to simplify energy management for buildings and ensure they operate efficiently and at lower costs by requiring less skills and resources.

Wandi has been supporting AVOB since its beginnings and is in charge of the web production line.

AVOB benefits from the newest technological innovations (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / AJAX). The challenge for this project is to always provide administration tools that are generic and powerful enough to allow a great freedom and the creation of rich content pages.

Number of code lines 39 193
Number of commits 3 681
Duration 1 month
Platform SillySmart
Technologies PHP5 / HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / Mootools
Resources 2
Damien Valentini

Damien Valentini

Cofounder - AVOB

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