CSS3 : Display "inline-block" with IE7

Kevin Lancien

IE7 unfortunately does not support the display: inline-block, which is often very practical, you might think that we are obliged to do without ... (http://caniuse.com/inline-block)

However, a small hack allows us to change the way IE interprets the position of a tag display: inline. By adding the following code, you can be sure that your code will work for IE7 +.

span {
          display: inline-block;
          * display: inline;
          * zoom: 1;

The first line will be interpreted by all browsers support CSS3, then the two lines starting with a * will be taken into account by IE.

Khan - 2013-09-02 05:42:53
where is your CSS file? do you have to create multiple UL and then wrap then in DIV tag? why dont you just us single UL? T can only show you
ul li{float:left;}
ul li a{display:block;padding:3px 6px;}
Viviana - 2013-10-11 06:47:27
where is your CSS file?do you have to create muilplte UL and then wrap then in DIV tag?why dont you just us single UL?i can only show you thisul{ list-style:none; overflow:auto;}ul li{float:left;}ul li a{display:block;padding:3px 6px;}



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