Laurent Bientz


  • Cinephile and comic book collector
  • First game written in C at the age of 18
  • A love shared between the DAO and the MVC
  • « Booooom Baby!! »

« Some people are in the "web" industry and some are in the "web and innovation" industry, a little like some people are playing "tennis" and some are playing "tennis like Federer".

We want to be part of this second category, the perfectionists, but with a conviction: the IT world will always be better off if we collaborate openly instead of working in closed circuits and one against another.

What I aspire to is to model a customer’s idea to get to a generic and abstract solution that will ultimately respond to his specific needs. »

As a software architect, lead back-end and technical director, Laurent trains and leads production teams.


In a perpetual search for improvement, and on the lookout for technological best practices, he wants to innovate, to keep expanding our boundaries and to make sure we'll never be going through a rough spell.

But he wants to innovate in a collaborative way, by opening to the many digital talents and to his customers because “this is the beauty of the web”.

Florian Collot


  • Private pilot and karateka
  • First program written in Pascal at the age of 18
  • Linux workstation, Apple personal phone, Windows professional phone

« The web is a new technology. There are still many things to do and to invent to make it a better quality media, accessible to all and easier to learn and use.

This is what I mean by Web & Innovation. Since its creation, this media is progressing thanks its open nature and thanks to the investment of the community.

We are stronger, more efficient and smarter when we share our discoveries. »

Florian is in charge of customer relationship management, business development and systems administration.

He aspires to innovate for technology, for his clients and for the digital world, with the feeling of doing essential work and the satisfaction of doing his very best to respond to the needs of each and everyone.

To do that, the key is to determine the right expectations, the right constraints and the right ambitions for customers and future users.

This is the path allowing us to think about what could be innovative in terms of technology, enjoy coding, and deliver performance.

Kévin Lancien

Engineering Consultant

  • Guitarist since the age of 13
  • Always has been a cinephile and a gamer
  • Transformer Prime personal tablet
  • Windows personal desktop/laptop computer
  • Windows 7 professional computer

« Every day, the panel of tools available on the web is getting bigger, creating the means and the opportunities to carry out new experiences.

What impresses me in the IT world and in the web world in particular, is the tremendous diversity of products we can build from the "blocks" that we have. »

Besides functional development in PHP, as a lead front-end developer, Kevin is particularly comfortable with technologies relating to integration (HTML/CSS) and even more with the interactions and animations managed in Javascript.

Today, a successful website is a dynamic website that has the capacity to surprise users, a website full of animations and offering an innovative user experience.

It is by making websites ever more interactive that we will be able to offer a satisfying experience for the users.

Nicolas Nowak

Web Production

  • MooTools Lover <3
  • Personal laptop under Steve Mobs OS
  • House Music Addict & Producer
  • First ping in 1998
  • « Niech zyjee Polska! »

Nicolas is a workaholic: he swigs lines of code like bottles of Vodka (not true for the Vodka!).

From strategy to software design, to customer training, Nicolas takes all the projects carried out by Wandi to heart. It enables him to be efficient and combine both speed and quality.

He sees the web as a tool, a tool that can become the most suitable means of communication to respond to customers’ asks, while enjoying working and brainstorming with them.

With a 15 years background as a high level tennis athlete, Nicolas has great rigor and focus. He combines them with the creativity developed thanks to his experience in music production.

Jacques De Lamballerie

Engineering Consultant

  • Former international fencer, double France champion in team
  • First “hello world” at the age of 18
  • Open-source software culture

Former high level athlete and member of the foil French team, rigor, accuracy, and abnegation are his key assets.

Qualities that he uses in the professional world as well as in sports. Jacques is passionate about new technologies and the science of algorithms.

Jacques devotes his mind and his technical skills to make your ideas become reality on the web.

Upholding the open-source software culture, he is contributing to the development of SillySmart, an open-source PHP Framework supported by Wandi.

Katty Dida

Accounting Officer

  • The agency’s feminine touch
  • Incidentally mother of the team
  • Already 7 years of accounting
  • Latin music addict

Destined to be a professional latin dancer, reason (or more exactly her back problems) directed her towards the entrepreneurial world.

The accounting logic is an integral part of her genetic heritage and she joined us in 2011 even if computer sciences remain a very abstract concept to her.

Administration and accounting started making their way in the organization of the agency with a multitude of post-it notes on her screen.

Between the invoices, the little receipts folded in ten, the administrative files and the team's small problems, versatility is at the heart of her work.

By juggling all these aspects, Katty participates actively in the development and the growth of our company.

But we also have to decompress and one can always hear a bachata-zumba-reggaeton mix resound between our walls, bringing joy and motivation to the troops!

Loïc Couharde

Web & Mobile Production

  • Lead iOS development ,  Web development
  • Basketball player and music lover
  • First program written in C at the age of 16
  • Technical challenges lover

« Communicating via mobile has become a necessity.

Use cases change and there are today as many users accessing the web from their mobile device as from their computer.

Mobile applications users are looking for both speed and an intuitive user experience. Optimized content and new hardware features make the mobile experience very substantial.

We are now able to respond to users’ needs thanks to the evolution of mobile. It gives us a very high-quality usability and a richer user experience that we cannot find on the web although the two are very closely intertwined. »

Loïc is a versatile developer with varied and complementary skills.

Whether he is working on web or mobile production, he is able to create many novel and innovative interfaces as well as pioneering features.

Jean-Baptiste Chateaux

Web Production

  • Kart driver in his spare time
  • First HTML line modified at the age of 16
  • Music is his religion

« Power is nothing without control. » In the web industry, we have to keep learning and stay ahead of the new trends.

Web technologies continue to progress and we have to be innovative in order to respond appropriately to every need.

Communication between our production teams and our customers is paramount, and so is the cohesion of our team. These are the deciding factors contributing to the success of our projects.

Robin Cozzolino

Business Developer

  • Avid sports and music fan
  • Sneakers addict
  • Macbook/iPhone/iPadMini/BlackBerry User :o)

With a background in technology and looking to communicate and exchange with the many protagonists of the digital world, he naturally specialized in project management and is now in charge of the business development activity that goes with it.

Always on the lookout for the newest software, the latest fashionable technology or upcoming startup, he began his young career in the world of web agencies and has recently moved towards mobile technologies.

Crazy about sports and listening to music 24/7, he is always looking for the freshest news or the latest musical nugget!

Lam Paturle

General Manager USA

  • Our correspondent in New York
  • 10+ years of experience in the mobile industry
  • A dedicated martial artist

With 10+ year of global experience in mobile product management, mobile games production and mobile interaction design consulting, Lam is a mobile platforms expert and pioneer.

He thrives in a creative and highly collaborative environment and is passionate about applications and content that are all at once innovative, engaging, intuitive and high quality.

He relocated to New York 8 years ago and after working for Gameloft, Verizon and Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, etc.), he is now in charge of the development of Wandi in the US.

At night, you can usually find him practicing martial arts either as an instructor (Vietnamese Martial Arts) or as a student (Muay Thai Kick boxing).


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